About Us

How it all started.

To Explore

At BADAC, we are passionate about exploring and discovering new places. That's why we chose the Polish word "Badać" which means "to explore". Our family has a deep appreciation for the great outdoors and we've traveled and camped all over the country. The SD-10 design is a result of our extensive knowledge and experience in outdoor exploration. We take pride in crafting our trailers by hand in the USA, using only the highest quality materials. With no shortcuts or compromises, each BADAC trailer is one-of-a-kind, designed and built without limitations.


Jeff is a native of Northeastern Oklahoma and graduate of Oklahoma State University. Jeff, along with his family, have always had a passion for nature, exploration, and travel. Camping, hiking, exploring, creating, and building have been a part of Jeff’s life since childhood. This adventurous upbringing paired with a mind programmed for engineering set the stage and inspired the dream to create the ultimate off-road camp trailer. Jeff’s keen eye for detail, form, and function as well as a love of the build drives Badac Adventure Co forward as we inspire, create, and explore.


Our lead-time fluctuates based on demand and production capacity.

Current Lead Time Is 6 Weeks