Wherever you go with your Crossover, SUV or 4x4 your Badac will be right behind you. Designed to be versatile and handle extreme use. From never ending highway blacktop to mountain trails and back, a Badac trailer wont let you down. With the exterior of the trailer epoxy coated and finished with a high-performance urethane elastomeric bedliner coating we achieve a monocoque durable skin protecting you from the harshest of elements. Finding comfort in the most hard to reach places is where Badac shines. With its rugged exterior and cozy warm interior its available with many options to fit the way you like to explore.

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About Us

Jeff is a native of Northeastern Oklahoma and graduate of Oklahoma State University. Jeff, along with his family, have always had a passion for nature, exploration, and travel. Camping, hiking, exploring, creating, and building have been a part of Jeff’s life since childhood. This adventurous upbringing paired with a mind programmed for engineering set the stage and inspired the dream to create the ultimate off-road camp trailer. Jeff’s keen eye for detail, form, and function as well as a love of the build drives Badac Adventure Co forward as we inspire, create, and explore.

To Explore

Badać is a Polish word meaning “to explore” and our family loves to do just that. The SD-10 design was born from an in depth knowledge of the outdoors and previous experiences traveling and camping all around the country. At BADAC our goal is to design and build without limitations. Proudly hand crafted in the US and made of only the best quality materials. Without shortcuts or compromise a BADAC trailer is completely unique.

Have fun, be active. Never Stop Exploring.

Jeff Kubiak